Vanar Chain Testnet Phase 6: Vanguard — The Finale

April 22-2024
Vanar Chain Testnet Phase 6: Vanguard — The Finale
  1. For Testnet Campaign on @Velocity:
  2. For Testnet Campaign on @GALXE:

On each platform you can COMPLETE these tasks:

For PVP:
Social Engagement:

For Brillion:

Visit Brillion Wallet to manage your tokens.

For Brillion:
  • Create a wallet via while Polygon network is selected
  • Once smart wallet account is created in Brillion dApp, switch to Vanguard network
  • Using same dApp user needs to send the VANRY token to any address to complete the tasks
  • Send Vanry: Send test Vanry to another account using the provided platform.
  • Receive Vanry: Receive test Vanry from others to your Brillion Wallet.
Social Engagement:

For Auriswap:

  • DEX Operations:
  • Trade Tokens: Navigate to Auriswap to trade tPVP and test Vanary.
Social Engagement:

For Bazaa Marketplace:

Social Engagement:

For Aether Games:

These activities are designed to enrich your understanding and provide practical experience in a variety of blockchain applications. Ensure you participate in each activity as directed to gain the full benefits of Phase 5 of the Vanar Chain Testnet — Vanguard. Enjoy your exploration!

phase5 xray

For Testnet campaign on @reydotxyz:

  • 💖 Like & RT this Tweet (LINK): Engage and earn points for every interaction using $VANRY.
  • 👀 Follow @Reydotxyz on Twitter


  • 🔄 Convert any token to $VANRY via Swap To Earn.
  • 🚀 Maximize Engagement: Get as many likes and comments on your $VANRY posts.
  • 🔗 Invite Friends to Increase your influence and gain bonus points from their activities.