2023, Q4 Milestone Delivery & Roadmap for 2024

Jan 07-2024
Q4 2023 Milestone Delivery & 2024

Q4 2023 was the first on our roadmap, where we delivered every milestone we set for Vanar. Now, as we enter Q1 2024, anticipate a constellation of new partnerships and innovations. Crushing our Q4 goals have crafted a robust foundation for an even more vibrant future.

Community Vote: The community-led vote to transform $TVK into $VANRY wasn’t just passed; it was embraced by a vast majority, becoming a catalyst for a monumental change. This overwhelming support demonstrates the trust and unity within our community, setting the stage for the comprehensive blockchain utility token, $VANRY.

Prestaking: Prestaking was a resounding success, with a staggering 75.24 million tokens staked, offering an APR of 191.36%. This remarkable participation on both Polygon and Ethereum networks underscored our backers’ confidence and signals strong growth potential as we transition to the mainnet.

Token Swap: The token swap from $TVK to $VANRY was completed seamlessly, facilitated by our intuitive portal and CEX partners. $VANRY is now listed on major exchanges including Binance, ByBit,, Kucoin, Paribu, Gate, MEXC, among others, expanding our reach and solidifying our presence in the crypto marketplace.

Partnerships: Our Wave 1 Partnerships have turbocharged the VANAR blockchain, bringing aboard established industry giants from Google Cloud, Emirates Digital Wallet and supporting, innovative new platforms like DeQuest and Kaizen Finance. We’ve fortified our security with experts like HAPI, ImmuneBytes and Immunefi, and engaged the creator economy with PopDrip, Blocksmith Labs’ creative solutions and Verse Digital’s metaverse expertise. For a full rundown of these game-changing alliances and how they’re shaping our future, head over to VANAR Corporate Adopters. These strategic adoptions are our first steps toward a scalable and dynamic ecosystem, ready for future innovation and growth.

With each of these milestones achieved, VANAR has not only delivered on promises but also set a precedent for excellence. Our partners, new and existing, have been integral to this phase, and their collaboration has been instrumental in the mass adoption of our chain.

In Q1 2024, VANAR is not just stepping up — we’re leaping forward:

Testnet: Ready to open its digital gates for a wave of innovation where developers can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Grants Programme: We’re setting the stage for a financial boost to the brightest minds crafting dApps, driving a surge of diversity and creativity across our platform.

Product Ecosystem & Global Hackathons: Expect an explosion of new apps and services, as we rally creators through electrifying hackathons, sparking a frenzy of community-driven innovation.

Bug Bounty Program: A bug bounty initiative that invites the world’s sharpest minds to fortify our blockchain.

Wave 2 Partnerships: Brace for the big leagues — massive gaming titans, a financial juggernaut among the world’s largest, and household brand names are joining forces with VANAR, sending our name in the mainstream.

When you think of VANAR, think BIG! But don’t stop there — multiply that by ten. This is just the beginning. For more on our trailblazing path, visit us at Get ready to witness the VANAR revolution at full speed!