Feb 22-2023

Campaign Start: 26th of February, 2024

Your Passport to Innovation on the VANAR Chain

Embark on a journey unlike any other with VELOCITY, the exclusive testnet campaign designed by VANAR Chain.

VELOCITY invites you to dive into the heart of VANAR’s testnet, Vanguard, a playground where the future of blockchain technology unfolds with every transaction. This campaign is your gateway to exploring, learning, and creating within an ecosystem built for speed, efficiency, security, and boundless creativity.

Welcome to Vanguard — The VANAR Testnet

Vanguard represents the cutting-edge of blockchain innovation, offering developers and enthusiasts a sandbox for hyper-speed transactions, minimal costs, and unparalleled security. It’s an environment where the only limit is your imagination, enabling you to craft dApps that could redefine the digital world.

  1. Test Now: Jump straight into action and start experimenting on the Vanguard testnet.
  2. Read Docs: Equip yourself with all the knowledge you need about VANAR Chain and its testnet capabilities.
VELOCITY — Get in the Fast Lane

VELOCITY isn’t just a campaign; it’s a challenge, a call to the pioneers and the innovative. With a series of action-packed quests on the VANAR Chain testnet, participants are encouraged to actively engage, collaborate with peers, spread the word, and hold onto their VP tightly. Exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

  1. Let’s Go: Enter the VELOCITY campaign and start your quest!
Earn VP and Claim Your FREE NFT!

By participating in the Velocity Campaign, you’ll accumulate Velocity Points (VP) — make sure to HODL them — who knows what opportunities might come your way from Vanar and our friends….

Stay active and unlock the chance to earn exciting rewards, including the weekly FREE NFT!

VELOCITY Campaign Structure

The VELOCITY campaign is thoughtfully structured to guide you through a comprehensive exploration of the Vanar Chain Testnet’s vast capabilities, week by week:

  1. Week 1: Introduction to Documentation and Faucet — Participants start by familiarizing themselves with Vanar Chain’s documentation and accessing tokens through the faucet, setting a solid foundation for the weeks to come.
  2. Following Weeks: Deep Dive into DeFi, NFTs, and Beyond — Each subsequent week introduces participants to new aspects of the blockchain ecosystem. You’ll have the opportunity to explore DeFi protocols, engage with NFT creation and trading, delve into blockchain gaming integrations, discover staking rewards, and experiment with cross-chain functionalities.
  3. Ongoing Quests and Challenges — Throughout the campaign, you’ll be tasked with completing various quests designed to deepen your understanding and practical skills within the Web3 ecosystem. These activities are your stepping stones to mastering the VANAR Chain testnet.
Join Us in Shaping the Future

Your involvement in the VELOCITY campaign and the Foundation Week activities is vital in shaping the future of the VANAR Chain. We’re not just testing a network; we’re building a community of innovators poised to redefine the digital world.

Remember, the activities for Foundation Week end on March 4th, 2024. Ensure to complete all tasks and claim your NFT before the deadline.