$TVK To $VANRY Token Swap Details Revealed

Nov 16-2023
$TVK to $VANRY Token Swap Details Revealed

We are pleased to unveil the transformation of Virtua, signaling a huge moment for our platform. Following the resounding approval of our proposal to establish a groundbreaking new blockchain, we are now beginning a transformative journey. Our new L1 blockchain represents a paradigm shift, characterized by ultra low costs, support for microtransactions, and a commitment to serving the entertainment industry’s vast global audience.

In tandem with this dynamic shift, we are thrilled to introduce our new corporate identity that encapsulates our holistic vision and strategic aspirations. We proudly present “Vanar” as our primary company brand. 

Vanar, designed from the ground up, builds upon our technological expertise to foster practical real-world adoption. Drawing upon years of experience working with the gaming, entertainment, and brand sectors, our primary focus is on ushering billions of consumers into the world of web3.

As a pivotal aspect of our rebranding initiative, we are initiating a token transition from $TVK to $VANRY. This transition will be executed on a one-to-one basis. In simple terms, if you presently hold one $TVK token, you will receive one $VANRY token in return.

Key Details Of This Transition

The project name, Virtua, and the $TVK ticker name will be changed to reflect our new company brand, Vanar. The new ticker for Vanar will be $VANRY.

Until the mainnet is launched, $VANRY will exist as an ERC-20 token. Users will retain the option to migrate their tokens to the mainnet at a later date.

  1. The new smart contract address (ERC-20) is: 0x8DE5B80a0C1B02Fe4976851D030B36122dbb8624
  2. The new smart contract address (Polygon) is: 0x8DE5B80a0C1B02Fe4976851D030B36122dbb8624

At this point no action is required from holders on centralized exchanges, however, as more information becomes available we will share details through our social channels.

For those who maintain their $TVK on centralized exchanges, the transition to $VANRY will be executed seamlessly.

For holders using cold wallets, self-custody hot wallets (e.g. Metamask, Trust Wallet)

We have established a dedicated swap portal to facilitate the conversion of $TVK into $VANRY. To execute this transition, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our dedicated swap portal (The link will be disclosed in an upcoming announcement).
  2. Connect your wallet to the portal.
  3. Initiate the transition by clicking the “Swap” button.
  4. Add the new $VANRY address to your wallet for a seamless transition experience.

Holders who are providing their $TVK on decentralized exchanges as liquidity in LPs, will be required to remove their liquidity of $TVK tokens from the liquidity pool to convert to $VANRY. More details on the liquidity pool switch from $TVK to $VANRY will be shared in a later medium article.

Mobile users should access the swap portal via the Metamask browser. Other mobile browsers are not supported for the token swap.

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding the token swap on our official Twitter and Telegram channels.

Vanar: Forging the Future

This token transition is just the beginning of a series of significant milestones for Vanar. We will be sharing our upcoming strategic plans across our social media channels. While timelines may be subject to change, rest assured that we will keep our community well-informed throughout this transformative journey. We are genuinely enthused about the prospects that Vanar holds for the web3 space.

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