Vanar Vanguard Testnet is now live.


Games need to be fun first. We believe Web3 can take games to the next level, allowing for new ownership paradigms, social and expanded game economies. Our tools and modules make it easy for game creators to take advantage of all this, while removing the friction traditionally associated with Web3 gaming.

Micropayment Ready

Vanar is designed to support micropayments, making it ideal for gaming applications. This means that users can purchase in-game items as DLCs and NFTs without having to worry about speed or high transaction fees

Digital Asset Marketplace Tools

Vanar provides tools for creating and managing digital asset marketplaces. This makes it easy for developers to create marketplaces where users can buy, sell, and trade digital assets, such as in-game items, skins, and collectibles.

Games Network

Connect to Vanar's games network to turbocharge audience discovery and games monetisation. Our games token economy unlocks new reward and engagement mechanics. The network tackles challenges in launching games, retention and audience acquisition.

Gaming API for
Unreal and Unity

Vanar provides a gaming API for Unreal and Unity, making it easy for developers to create games that use Vanar. This API provides access to all of the features that Vanar has to offer, such as micropayments, digital asset marketplace tools, and social wallets

Rewards / Crafting modules

Vanar provides rewards and crafting modules that can be used to expand games economies. Create new engagement loops to unlock new sources of revenue.

Metaverse Social Modules

Vanar provides metaverse social modules that allow users to interact with each other in 3D spaces. Games creators can easily add metaverse and social layers without reengineering any part of their game.

Social Wallets

Vanar provides social wallets that allow users to store their digital assets and interact with dApps. This makes it easy for users to manage their digital assets and participate in the Vanar ecosystem.


Vanar provides gamification modules that can be used to make games more engaging and rewarding for users in a wider metaverse. Our quest engines allows game creators to create games adjacent or more deeply integrated campaigns which can link to sales of new assets, rewards to deepen engagement.

Abstracted multichain minting tools

Vanar provides abstracted multichain minting tools that allow developers to mint digital assets on multiple blockchains. This makes it easy for developers to create games and dApps that are interoperable with other blockchains.

Partnership Opportunities

Unlock The Vanar network, giving you access to leading companies in web3 who have their own product suites including games analytics, mint engines and more.