vanar ECO

Vanar Eco is a new energy smart blockchain feature that speaks to a new audience, addressing key pain points for brands. We offer an optional method for tracking the energy consumption of transactions at the chain level, designed to provide greater transparency and accountability for energy usage, allowing brands and users to make more informed decisions about their blockchain activities.

Real Time Reporting

Enjoy advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities that can process large volumes of data in real-time. This allows for immediate insights into environmental performance, crucial for meeting regulatory deadlines and for making quick adjustments to meet sustainability goals.

Decision Making

On-chain data can predict future trends, such as emission levels. Vanar can guide brands' needs to meet future carbon targets, which are expected to become increasingly stringent.


Vanar’s secure and transparent nature helps multinationals adhere to various environmental regulations across different jurisdictions.

Transparency and Traceability downstream

Vanar enables measurement of supply chain activities, emissions data, and other environmental metrics.

New technology approaches

Gen Zs and millennials are taking action on climate change, with 7 in 10 respondents saying they actively try to minimize their impact on the environment. Brands working with Vanar can be comfortable knowing they have ways to ensure their activities are environmentally sound.