Pioneering The Future: Highlights From A Conversation Between Vanar CEO Jawad Ashraf And Rare Network

Jan 30-2024
Pioneering the Future: Highlights from a Conversation between
            Vanar CEO Jawad Ashraf and Rare Network

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, few stories captivate like that of Jawad Ashraf, CEO of Vanar. His journey, marked by an early fascination with computers, has led him to pioneer in virtual reality (VR), gaming, and blockchain. In an insightful interview with Rare Network’s RandCorp, Ashraf shared his experiences and visions, painting a picture of the future in these technologies.

Early Fascination with Technology

“It all started with the ZX Spectrum in the UK,” Jawad recalls. His childhood was not just about playing games but creating them. This passion for computers led him to a computer science degree and a brief stint in full-time employment before venturing into freelance software development.

Transition to Entrepreneurship and Virtua’s Genesis

Jawad’s transition from employee to entrepreneur involved diverse experiences, including antiterrorism software development. These ventures culminated in creating Virtua. “I set up a VR company just to play with the market and understand what people were doing in VR,” he explains, showing how initial curiosity sparked a groundbreaking enterprise.

Evolution of Virtua and Blockchain Integration

Initially focused on VR, Virtua quickly recognized blockchain and NFTs’ potential. “We launched a metaverse in VR on blockchain with NFTs, and no one knew what we were doing,” Jawad shares, highlighting the pioneering spirit of the company. Despite early challenges, Virtua adapted its strategies, waiting for the market to evolve.

The Vanar Blockchain: A Paradigm Shift in Blockchain Technology

One of the most groundbreaking ventures discussed by Jawad Ashraf is the development of the Vanar blockchain. This blockchain platform is not just another addition to the existing array of blockchain technologies; it represents a paradigm shift. “We want it to be the world’s biggest blockchain that nobody knows about, in the same way you dont know about AWS, or Google cloud. The products that run on it are more important” says Jawad, emphasizing the goal of seamless integration and user-friendliness.

Design Philosophy and Technical Innovations

Vanar is designed with a focus on accessibility and efficiency. It’s environmentally conscious, acknowledging the growing importance of sustainable technology. Jawad elaborates, “No blockchain is green out the gate. So we were, okay, let’s look at the landscape. We forked Ethereum and then locked the gas to a fraction of a cent.” This approach ensures a stable and predictable transaction cost, a critical factor for widespread adoption.

Balancing Multiple Ventures and The Importance of Teamwork

Balancing responsibilities at Vanar and Virtua, Jawad underscores the importance of collaboration. “It’s tiring, but what you realize is, there is no such thing as a weekend when you’re running your own business” he says, reflecting the commitment and team support needed in tech entrepreneurship.

The Future of Gaming and Technology

Jawad envisions a future where AR, VR, and mobile gaming offer immersive experiences. “People want the absolute movement between places… a rich, immersive AR light experience” he predicts, aligning Virtua with these technological trends.


Jawad Ashraf’s story is a narrative of passion, adaptability, and foresight. As Vanar continues to innovate in VR, gaming, and blockchain, its impact on the tech industry is poised to be significant and far-reaching.

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